Accelerated Freefall Intro Course

Available UK Only

This is a two day course, designed to introduce you to the Accelerated Freefall Course, without having to sign up for all 8 levels straight away.

Day one will be spent learning about the equipment, how the parachute flies, how to maintain control in freefall, and any emergency procedures you may need.

Your skydive will take place from approximately 12,000' on a subsequent day, accompanied by 2 Instructors, who will coach you in freefall, before you deploy your parachute at 5,000'. All equipment is included in the price, along with Provisional Membership of the British Parachute Association.

Once safely back on the ground, the instructors will de-brief you, recording your feedback on your personal training record for you to keep, along with your certificate. Should you wish to complete the remainder of the course, the price of the Introductory Course is deducted from the course price, providing you continue within 6 months.

Now for only £ 375.00

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