8 Level Accelerated Freefall Course (UK)

This course is designed to take you from complete beginner, to a competent and confident licensed skydiver. The course consists of 8 levels, each progressively building on the skills learnt on the previous level.

Day one of the course will be spent learning about the equipment, how the parachute flies, how to maintain control in freefall, and any emergency procedures you may need. All equipment needed is provided throughout the course, along with a skydivers log book to record your progress. Provisional membership of the British Parachute Association is also included.*

Levels 1 to 3 are skydives accompanied by 2 Instructors, who will coach you in freefall, before you deploy your parachute at 5,000'. During these levels, you will learn basic control in freefall, and under the parachute.

Levels 4 - 7 are accompanied by 1 Instructor, who will guide you through more complex freefall techniques, including controlled turns and stability recovery, as well as how to move horizontally across the sky.

Level 8 sees you leaving the aircraft on your own for the first time, and opening your parachute after a short freefall - congratulations, you've just graduated.If you the wish to obtain your internationally recognised skydiving license, you can complete a further 10 solo jumps to consolidate your training (not included in the course price).

*Participants must become full BPA members after Level 1 - price varies depending upon time of year.

Now for only £ 1500.00

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