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Paratec NEXT Century Rig 4

Equipment Details:

  • Paratec NEXT Century container, with adjustable harness and plastic tube pilot chute handle.
  • Paratec Balance 260 main canopy.
  • Tempo 250 reserve canopy.
  • CYPRES Multi-mode AAD.
  • Detachable BOC pouch with secondary handle for AFF use.

Rental Options

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Return the rig by post / courier.

Drop-off in person available by arrangement.

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Selected Rig:

Paratec NEXT Century Rig 4

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Rig Hire - Terms and Conditions

  1. The hirer is solely responsible for the safe keeping of the equipment and all component parts. Any loss or damage will be charged for.
  2. In the event of a Reserve activation, the hirer must return the equipment at their expense asap, for inspection and repacking by Winter Sun Skydiving. There is no charge for the repack if it is required during the hire period, however any lost components or damage found during inspection will be charged for separately. Alternatively, inspection and repack can be carried out by a Winter Sun Skydiving approved individual, by prior arrangement.
  3. Winter Sun Skydiving will not be held liable for any injury incurred during use of the equipment. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that they are suitably qualified to jump the equipment, and take all reasonable steps to use the equipment in a safe manner, including making judgements as to their ability to land the parachute system they hire in the weather conditions they are jumping in, and at the PTO / DZ they are jumping at.
  4. The equipment is hired for the sole use of the hirer. It should not be re-hired, loaned or given to anyone else to use during the hire period, unless prior approval is obtained from Winter Sun Skydiving.
  5. If the hirer intends to jump the equipment outside the UK, prior permission is needed from Winter Sun Skydiving. Suitable proof of insurance against loss of or damage to, equipment or components, will need to be provided to gain permission.

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