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Winter Sun Skydiving is a member of British Skydiving.

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Upcoming AFF / Coaching Trips

Monday, July 27, 2020 | Stuart Albon

Bookings now being taken for AFF in October and November - email or call for dates.

Wind Tunnel Coaching

Sunday, July 26, 2020 | Stuart Albon

The wind tunnels are open again. We have availability for the following upcoming sessions:
14th Aug
20th Aug
25th Aug
10th Sept
24th Sept

COVID-19 Safe Working procedures

Sunday, July 19, 2020 | Stuart Albon

As we start to operate again, we are following current UK Public Health guidance to ensure we protect both our customers and staff. These changes may mean a slight delay before being able to confirm your preferred course dates, as we need to liaise with the locations we use to book operating slots.

Face coverings and gloves will be required to be worn at various times during our courses to help minimise risk. We have also adapted some of our training to enable socially distanced instruction where possible. All jumpsuits, and other equipment issued to you during your course is issued on a personal use basis for the duration, and cleaned at the end of your course before being put back into service. This again may cause some delays.

We are currently running courses in the UK, and Northern Europe (Germany / Southern France) only. We are monitoring the situation in Southern Europe (Spain / Portugal) and will resume courses there when we are happy that it is safe to do so, with planning assumptions for courses over this Winter. Please feel free to enquire for dates over that period, however we will view any bookings as provisional while we monitor the situation. We will not be running courses in the USA for the time being, and will not be taking bookings for US courses any time soon.