Rigs For Hire

Tired of missing out on lifts waiting for club kit?

Struggling to find kit that fits?

Saving up for your own gear?

Want to downsize safely?

Tandem or AFF Instructor / PTO needing extra equipment capacity short term?

Our fleet of equipment is available to hire to all licensed skydivers (some restrictions apply - see below).

  • We want you to get the most benefit out of your hire, therefore we ensure that your equipment is serviceable and suitable for you to use, before hiring it to you
  • All of our equipment has adjustable harnesses, to ensure the best possible fit and comfort for you, and is fully "free-fly friendly"
  • Student equipment - available for hire by Instructors / PTO's as student equipment, or for "A" Licence jumpers up to 250 lbs exit weight
  • 160 - 190 sq ft canopies available for "A" Licence and above, with your Chief Instructor's approval up to a maximum wing loading of 1.0 lbs / sq ft (if under "C" Licence)
  • Rental price is for the entire hire period, regardless of number of jumps in that period
  • Easy payment terms are available to cover the hire period
  • All of our equipment is inspected in line with British Skydiving guidelines, and comes with all the signed documentation that your DZ will expect to see before you jump it
  • You can choose to have the equipment delivered straight to the DZ

Our Rigs

We have a set of rigs for you to chose from.  Use arrows to the sides or simply swipe to browse our selection.